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L A N G U A G E  I N S T R U C T O R

My experience in the higher education is formed by teaching coursers in Spanish and Portuguese, particularly introductory language classes at different levels.

As a future professor focusing on transnational connections between Europe, Asia, and the Americas, I am developing courses that unite different cultures and disciplines. By incorporating both my international experience and my own story of overcoming not only racial barriers, but also cultural differences (sometimes within Latinx communities themselves) that are rooted in economic class barriers, I create a diverse and inclusive learning environment where undergraduates and graduates alike learn the importance of thinking broadly and making connections between apparently unrelated subject areas. 

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy revolves around four fundamental principles: 

1) Keep students motivated in the target language; 

2) Create a learning environment that is interactive, engaging, and effective;

3) Integrate modern technology and trending cultural topics;


4) Put academic excellence, diversity, equity, and inclusion into conversation.

Diversity Statement

My own cultural competency is built on an extensive range of international experiences. I lived in Mexico for 16 years, later moved to the United States, where I graduated from high school and college. During my undergraduate career, I had the opportunity to participate in many programs that allowed me to explore many countries around the world, and at some point, permitted me to live in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Portugal, and Spain. The opportunity to experience many cultures, all very different from my own, allow me to not only identify and understand diversity, but also to recognize the importance of inclusion and equity. 

Courses Taught

Vanderbilt University

Fall 2020

Open Book

Language Instructor

Elementary Spanish I 

SPAN 1101

Vanderbilt University

Spring 2021

Image by Henry Be

Language Instructor

Elementary Spanish II 

SPAN 1102

Vanderbilt University

Fall 2021

Image by Thought Catalog

Language Instructor

Intermediate Spanish Writing

SPAN 3301W

Vanderbilt University

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Language Instructor

Spring 2022

Spanish for Oral Communications

SPAN 3302

Fisk University

Spring 2023

Love letter

Language Instructor

Elementary Spanish II

SPAN 102

Vanderbilt University

Spring 2021

Sunset Reading

Teaching Assistant

Nashville en Español

SPAN 3891

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