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Spanish and Portuguese scholar with a presentable history of working in the higher education industry. Bilingual English-Spanish with skills in Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese. Award winning instructor and researcher.

I have received broad training in seminars that circumnavigated the Hispanophone and Lusophone worlds, from Spain and Portugal to Latin American and Caribbean literatures, covering various genres and literary movements. I have also taken seminars in diaspora studies, film studies, translation theory, cultural studies, and fulfilled various Chinese, Portuguese, and Italian language courses.

I am currently working in my innovative dissertation project, which debunks myths about Asian passivity and unilateral cultural transfer from West to East. After earning my Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, I plan to join the academic profession to do collaborative humanities work across Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Spanish & Portuguese literatures.

My linguistic and cultural competence in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, and Chinese languages is rare in academia, and it is rarer still for a Latino with no Chinese parentage to study and conduct research on early modern Spanish Asia. My ultimate goal is to model interdisciplinarity for undergraduate and graduate students alike, while deepening my relationships with Chinese, Filipino, and Latino immigrants in order to mentor future generations of scholars and pedagogues.  


The Boxer Codex

Academic Portal

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Mapping the Iberian Empire through Epistolary Networks of Cultural Agents

Academic Portal

"Martín de Rada in the Spanish Philippines: Intercontinental Narratives Across Contemporary Political Institutions of the Spanish Empire"

Scholarly Publication

"Navigating the Spanish-Chamorro Transoceanic Encounter: Authorship and Collaborative Work in the Boxer Codex"

Scholarly Publication

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